Monday, October 26, 2015

DRIVEN: All-New 2017 Acura NSX!

-Should Acura even have this car? It’s a question we posed with our first preview of the NSX back in April. Ailing Acura strikes us as a brand in need of reinvention from the bottom up, starting with a new Integra, the car that the people have crowned as the real keeper of Acura’s flame. Instead, Honda’s luxury brand is starting its long journey back to relevance from the top, with a hybrid supercar that will sell for more than $150,000. It’ll be a tall poppy in a showroom where the next priciest vehicle starts at $51,870, but it’s too late to dig up old arguments about priorities. We’ve finally moved past the drawings and concepts, past that aborted baby-blue prototype with the wrong engine turned the wrong way, and on to what the aviation industry calls the flight article. This is it, the real deal, a drivable NSX with a key that has been placed in our hands. So we’ll put aside the academic critique and just go pound pavement. READ MORE ››

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