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American Accents: Chevrolet to Show Red Accent and Black Accent 2016 Camaros at SEMA

Camaro SS Red Accent Package concept

One of the Chevy Camaro’s most compelling traits is its adaptability. From a sporty grocery getter for young singles to a face-torquing track rat to a big-wheeled urban cruiser, GM’s pony car occupies a special place in American custom-car and motorsport culture. So it only makes sense that GM would show off what new owners can do with their sixth-generation Mustang-fighter without ever leaving the comfort of their local dealership. The result? A pair of Camaros, one creatively named “Camaro SS Red Accent Package concept” while the other shares the equally descriptive moniker “Camaro SS Black Accent Package concept.”

Camaro SS Red Accent Package concept

The Switchblade Silver Metallic Red Accent SS convertible features an Adrenaline Red interior, an interior illumination kit with red aluminum door inserts, red fender hashmarks, black bow-tie emblems, and 20-inch five-spoke gloss-black wheels with a red outline stripe. A red-accented engine cover, SS-logo floor mats and center-console cover, as well as sport pedal covers and red knee pads round out the treatment. Available Brembo brakes provide the stopping power.

Camaro SS Black Accent Package concept

In its infinite wisdom, Chevy deems the Red Accent car “tasteful-yet-dynamic,” suggesting that the Black Accent car—an SS coupe wearing Red Hot paint—features more of a “tuner” aesthetic. We can’t say we argue with them on the latter point. Satin-black rally stripes run from front to back, paired with 20-inch five-spoke low-gloss black wheels, black bow ties, black ground effects, and a (concept) black fuel door. The car is dropped a bit courtesy of the performance lowering kit, and, like the Red Accent, the black car does its stopping courtesy of Brembo.

The leather-trimmed interior features much black and, like the Red Accent, features sport pedal covers and SS-logo floor mats. The suede console lid wears red stitching and displays a Chevrolet Performance logo.

These two cars, of course, are the mere first drops of a coming custom-sixth-gen-Camaro deluge as the cars make their way into the hands of the public. Some will undoubtedly be amazing. Some will engender giggles and/or disgust. Regardless, they’re coming. Gird your loins, et cetera. Steel yourself, Peter Cetera.


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