Monday, December 28, 2015

Not a Car, Don’t Care: You Have to See This Custom, 7500-Piece Lego Millennium Falcon

Marshal Banana's custom LEGO Millennium Falcon

Yes, you can buy a Lego Millennium Falcon kit in stores, but one master builder has constructed a replica of the galaxy’s most famous Corellian freighter that goes so far above and beyond we just had to share.

Marshal Banana's custom LEGO Millennium Falcon

Built by Hannes Tscharner, this Falcon is based on the version that appears in the latest Star Wars installment, The Force Awakens (note the rectangular sensor dish). It’s comprised of an estimated 7500 pieces; weighs 22 pounds; and is 32 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 7 inches tall. For reference, the official kit—which runs $149.99 at—has 1329 pieces and is 18 inches long, 12 inches wide, and five inches tall.

Marshal Banana's custom LEGO Millennium Falcon

The internal framework required to support the build means the custom ship doesn’t have an interior, but it does have illuminated drive units and blaster turrets, and it also features a working boarding ramp and detailed cockpit with four seats for Rey, Finn, Han Solo, and Chewbacca (or maybe Unkar Plutt and his thugs).

The entire thing took a full year from planning and brick gathering to completion, says its creator, whose Flickr feed is filled with other amazing Star Wars customs, including a Jawa Sandcrawler—you can check them out here, as well as see more photos of the Falcon. And now that we’ve properly geeked out, we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled car-based programming.

Marshal Banana's custom LEGO Millennium Falcon

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