Thursday, December 17, 2015

2015 Kia K900 V-8 Long-Term Test Wrap-Up: Answering the Luxury Call with Old-School Dynamics, Value

-In many ways, we’re numbers people, performing as we do instrumented testing of hundreds of cars each year to extract the secrets of their acceleration prowess, grip, braking, and fuel economy. Such testing reveals a car’s dynamic strengths as well as its weaknesses, serving to quantify and clarify the subjective analysis we glean from driving on public roads. Some vehicles are “numbers cars,” track-day overachievers that throw down epic zero-to-60-mph times, stupendously short braking distances, and face-distorting lateral grip but which fall short in real-world qualities such as comfort or practicality or driving excitement. After 40,000 miles in our possession, we can say with certainty that the Kia K900 is not a numbers car—its weak grip and braking figures align perfectly with the big sedan’s real-world demeanor. READ MORE ››

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