Thursday, November 5, 2015

From Bavaria to America! BMW Brings Stripey M4, M2 Parts to SEMA

BMW M4 coupe with M performance parts

With Oktoberfest out of the way, the boys from Munich decided to continue the party in Las Vegas. And why not? Germans love the desert. They stuck a number of items from their M Performance Parts line on an M4, striped the thing up Batmobile style, and hauled it out to SEMA. They also brought along a few bits for the recently announced M2, the hairier-chested brother of the 10Best-winning M235i.

BMW M4 coupe with M performance parts

The M4 show car’s aesthetic/aerodynamic bits consist of carbon-fiber inserts in the front end, gloss-black grille kidneys, polyurethane side sills with M Performance logos, and carbon-fiber mirror caps. Out back, a carbon-fiber diffuser and spoiler add motorsporty businesslikeness to the proceedings. The stripes are available from M Performance as well, just in case you’ve got a yen to feel like Brian Redman during your daily slog to the office.

BMW also fitted the show car with their new dual-mode M Performance exhaust system, featuring stainless tubing and a titanium muffler. Carbon-fiber tailpipe trim matches your mirror caps and diffuser, if you forked over the cash for the CF parts. You did lay out the ducats, right?

BMW M4 coupe with M performance parts

Inside, the M Performance wheel wears a microsuede wrapper ‘round the rim, with a blue center-position marker up top. The stubby-nubbin shifter for BMW’s twin-clutch transmission is finished in carbon fiber, while the handbrake wears a microsuede boot.

For those of you mentally building new M2s, the Bavarians have offered up some additional food for thought. The initial run of M Performance parts for the smallest M car includes gloss-black grilles with M-specific trim, twin trim bars, carbon-fiber mirror caps, a carbon rear spoiler, a microsuede-swathed steering wheel, a microsuede-and-carbon-fiber center console, a carbon-fiber shifter for the dual-clutch transmission, and stainless-steel pedal covers. They’ve also announced a dual-mode sports exhaust system and a sport suspension.

The company notes that further information on the M2 parts will be available in the spring of 2016, while the M4 add-ons will be ready for order in January, and available for purchase/delivery at BMW dealers in June.



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